Sponsors & Partnerships

We are very lucky to be able to collaborate with these lovely people. Here are some stories and the list of sponsors we work closely with.

Midwestern University students come to our facility to conduct behavioral studies, take animal handling classes or whatever else we can do to aid in hands on study!

We are so proud that Odysea has some of our Siamese Crocodiles on display! We are also present at a lot of their events where we share our love of animals!

The King Cobra Symposium was held in the Netherlands this year and we were a proud Silver sponsor to aid in the conservation of this wonderful species.

We are honored to have had this partnership for years(and many more to come!). The diamondback holds many events for under privileged children which we attend to make the children happy.

Snakebite911 is an Iphone app that PHS provided expert opinions on. This app is up and running so check it out!

We run programs at the Scottsdale public libraries that have been completely booked! We can not wait to expand this partnership!

We collaborate our summer camps to incorporate each-other's animals! This gives out campers a well rounded lesson on how wildlife is impacted by non native species and how to keep their pets safe! We also work together at events!

Seattle-based Porch.com is a home services platform that helps homeowners and renters everywhere make the home simple. We make the move easy, help complete one-off projects, and take on common home maintenance tasks.

Find the perfect Phoenix real estate agent! We analyze millions of home sales to find the best performing real estate agents. Our technology crunches the numbers to determine which real estate agent or which instant offer company will get you the most money for your home.

Sponsors & Partnerships