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Since Green Iguanas in the 1980's, reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets and are now a main component in the pet industry. Many people, however, find that what at first looks like a low maintenance pet becomes more work and care than they can give. 

Before our sanctuary opened in 2001, there was no where for unwanted reptile pets to go. Many were released into the desert, (which is usually a death sentence) or were euthanized. PHS opened its doors with 26 surrendered iguanas and now houses many which are surrendered pets.

If you or someone you know has a reptile pet that they can no longer take care of, you can make an appointment and surrender it to us. Our No Kill Sanctuary takes in hundreds of reptiles each year. Some, which are deemed healthy and appropriate, will be placed in our adoption program, but many will live the rest of their lives at our sanctuary. We do ask for a donation for each surrender to help cover the ever increasing cost of caring for all the animals at our sanctuary.

Please consult the fee schedule below to see how much the donation should be for your animal. All donations are tax deductible, due to our non profit 501(c) 3 status.

For questions about surrendering your pet or to make a drop off appointment, call the Executive Curator, Dan Marchand, at 480.513.4377 Ext. 2 or email

If interested, you may be given the option to donate your supplies and/or equipment with your animal. Please consult with a PHS representative to make sure that they are items that can be utilized by the animals and staff at our sanctuary.

Surrender Donation Guidelines

Are you moving or being forced to give your Sulcata Tortoise up due to change that is out of your control?

Maybe you just can't take care of it anymore but would still like the opportunity to visit it after you surrender it to PHS?

With our Sulcata Sponsorship program you can! We have over 400 African Sulcata tortoises at our sanctuary which, as many of you may know, require a lot of food, heat during the winter, and general care and maintenance. This creates a huge cost for us, so we often encourage Sulcata owners to sponsor the animals they're turning over. The owner gets the benefit of knowing that they can visit their Sulcata as often as once per week, it will keep its given name (which will be written on the shell), and it will never be placed in our adoption process as long as it is sponsored with us.  Sponsorship only costs $25 a month and helps cover a portion of the cost needed to care for these animals.  You can even choose how many months you want to sponsor your Sulcata.

Click here to sponsor your surrendered Sulcata! 

Surrender A Pet